Apology To You:

There are no excuses, no amount of sorry’s that can really make up for the ball that has dropped. It’s been at least over a month since we posted and I know this doesn’t make up for it but listen to me grovel…

This past semester, or maybe year, has been one of the busiest in my life. Julia and I have been going non-stop trying to keep up with work, school, leadership and just life in general. Unfortunately, blogging has slid to the back burner and now we’re getting burned. Readers, I apologize. Forgive us for not making our procrastination tactics a priority.

If it helps, we have been doing lots of new things-stretching our lives (maybe too thin?) with new adventures. I didn’t have a huge choice in the matter but just a couple weeks ago I turned 21. That’s right world-I am a full grown adult in all countries. Brace yourselves. My birthday was epic. Up in the big old north of BC we have this holiday called Family Day that always seems to fall so wonderfully on my birthday. So I didn’t have to go to school. Instead, I went to a bumpin concert with my best friends. We saw Imagine Dragons live and it rocked my world.


Julia has been up to the biggest shenanigans. My other half went and got herself engaged. It was beautiful and epic (there were fireworks) and kind of heartbreaking for me (as I will soon be getting the boot as her roommate). I was honored to be a part of the day though, and am so excited for Andrew and Julia and the life ahead of them.


So there it is-all the excuses I can muster. Please take my apology with a grain of salt and maybe some grace for the next couple months. We really wish that the deadlines of everything else in life were not so set in stone – that we could put more time into the blog. We’ve been told by many people though that good content is better than a lot of content. The last thing we want to do is give you music, posts or ideas that are weak and sometimes that means letting our posts steep for awhile before we can make them excellent for you. So roll with us as we try to balance it all and ultimately bring you the best that Free As A Board can offer.


New Year, New Look


A new year could only mean one thing for Free As A Board… a new look and new focus. Being students we have to admit that our direction for the blog got a little fuzzy, especially towards the end of our semesters. So we decided to go back to the basics and bring back what we are all about.

We started this blog eight months ago with our new love of long boarding and ambition to stop wishing and start doing. To not be afraid of failure and try new things. And so was born our blog. We are here to document and pursue what if’s, leaving all excuses behind.

To new beginnings, music, truth, places, people, and adventures.